Song Work

Search, submit, and download sounds for free.

Through collaboration with musicians and sound artists, the project aims to create new ’work songs’ for the 21st century.

How and where we work is changing. Factory closures, increased automation, and more of us working from home means many of the sound environments we would once have been surrounded in are being lost. Working with the National Library of Scotland Sound Archive, Song Work helps preserve these sounds before they are gone forever.

Anyone can contribute to the library. After you’ve recorded a sound, go to the submit page and give us some information about what you’ve recorded and where. Then hit submit. After your sound has been uploaded, it will be automatically converted into a sonogram, or ‘sound picture’. Someone on the backend will check everything is ok, and after a day or two, your sound will be added to the library and will appear on the site for others to enjoy. Done.

Song Work was created by artist and musician Siôn Parkinson with help from Andy Truscott. Project advisors are The National Library of Scotland Sound Archive. Supported by Creative Scotland. Site design by Dexter Sinister.